The Verde Valley Forum
          for Public Affairs

            Bringing people
                                 and ideas together

A not-for-profit
Arizona corporation

Our mission

    The mission of the Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs is to build informed consensus for action on issues of critical importance to the Verde Valley and its communities.

Our vision for the future

    The Verde Valley is a well-integrated region whose residents share a sense of community and place, and enjoy a sustainable quality environment. The Valleys desirable aesthetic, cultural, social, and economic conditions are maintained by informed citizens, community and business organizations, as well as by local governments and educational institutions.

What we are:

    We are a non-profit, non-political organization of volunteers dedicated to addressing current and long-range issues facing the Verde Valley communities, and facilitating  informed consensus through the forum process bringing people and ideas together.  We are modeled after the highly-successful Arizona Town Hall.

Our history:

    From 1985 to 2008, the Sedona Academy of Public Affairs produced 20 forums. 17 of them were Sedona Forums, more or less limited to issues of the Greater Sedona area.

    But the 1999, 2002 and 2004 forums were expanded to study issues of the entire Verde Valley region. Membership of the Academy and its Board of Directors grew to include the residents of all the Verde Valley communities and unincorporated areas.

   Recognizing that a new spirit of cooperation had arisen between Verde Valley peoples in all kinds of activities, the Academy Board unanimously agreed that it was time to change the makeup of the organization and its goals to meet regional needs.  In 2004, the third region-wide forum, it was announced that the Sedona Academy of Public Affairs was being reorganized and transformed into the Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs.

Who we are:

    Were an all-volunteer group of people who want to help address issues of the Greater Verde Valley.  We have no paid staff, and no costly offices or buildings.  All of our funds go to researching and producing forums to bring people and ideas together.



President: Dick Dahl
Vice President, Operations: Jim Eaton
Vice President, Forums: Steve King
Secretary: Jane Whitmire
Treasurer: (position available)
Past President: Frank Besnette
Executive Committee: Officers, Committee Chairs, plus Claudelle Johnson and Sandy Moriarty.

Board of Directors:

1-year terms --Expires 4-30-17

Frank Besnette
Jim Eaton
Dick Ellis
Kent Jones
Bill Kusner
Julie Larson
Donna Michaels
Sandy Moriarty
Pat Reed
Tom Shuman
Marshall Whitmire
Thomas Beauty (Honorary Director)

2-year terms Expires 4-30-18

Steve Ayers
Linda Buchanan
Dick Dahl
Darla Deville
Virginia Duncan
Lisa Hirsch
Claudelle Johnson
Steve King
Russell Moker
Jane Whitmire


Research Committee: Marshall Whitmire, chair.
Participant Selection Committee: Lisa Hirsch, chair.
Physical Arrangements Committee: Linda Buchanan, chair.
Public Information Committee: Jim Eaton, chair.
Program Development Committee: Dick Dahl, chair.
Membership Committee: Russell Moker, chair.
Future Leaders Forum Committee: Julie Larson, chair.
Community Outreach Committee: Steve Ayers, chair.

Special Committees and Task Forces may be appointed to handle specific matters.

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